Top 10 Of The Most Requested Surgeries By Foreigners In Colombia

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14 octubre, 2021
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22 noviembre, 2021
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Colombia, besides being a great touristic destination, it is one of the most preferred locations for those who seek to have an aesthetic plastic surgery to improve their looks. This is the TOP 10 OF THE MOST REQUESTED SURGERIES BY FOREIGNERS IN COLOMBIA!


  1. Augmentation Mammaplasty: This procedure increases the size or volume of the breasts. Patients usually want this procedure because of changes they suffered during pregnancy, volume discomfort, sex reassignment surgery (SRS) and reconstruction. This is a safe procedure that does not affect fertility nor has been proven to be a cause of breast cancer when using the new implants available in the market.


  1. Abdominoplasty:  Patients who visit Colombia from overseas also frequently seek out this procedure.  This surgery removes the excess of fat at skin from the abdominal region, tightens the muscles and reduces the waist diameter. For those who want to have this surgery must keep in mind that their weight must be reasonably stable, and the results are oriented to the improvement of the abdominal region and not weight loss.


  1. Liposculpture:  It is one of the most common methods available to eliminate fat in abdomen and other parts of the body. It is sought out by men and women, and it is the specialist who decides whether the patient is a good candidate for this procedure or not. Because of this, patient’s safety is uttermost important when undergoing this type of procedures with a certified surgeon.


  1. Lipoabdominoplasty: This is where liposculpture and abdominoplasty meet.  It is a surgery that aims at getting a flat abdomen and a sleek figure. Many patients are people who have had issues trying to lose weight by doing exercise or have excess of skin due to a weight loss process, or who had consequences after pregnancy. In this procedure, as we mentioned earlier, the excess of skin is removed, reefing of abdominal muscles is applied and then a liposuction is performed. (Arms, legs, back)


  1. Mastopexy:  We find also in this list the Mastopexy, which is a surgery that corrects flaccid or saggy breasts by a means of a lifting process with or without using implants. This procedure also improves upon the aesthetic look of the body. Patients undergoing this surgery say that they feel much surer of themselves with the results. In some cases, it helps to reduce the weight of the breast.


  1. Gluteoplasty: It is a procedure where we increase the volume and projection of the butt-cheeks.  We can use augmentation with gluteal implants or gluteal lipotransfer, or both (Hybrid). In the first case we use gluteal implants for increasing the volume.  In the second case, we inject fat that has been previously extracted from other parts of the body (supplementary surgery). The decision which procedure is better belongs to the surgeon (i.e., The percentage of fat to be extracted from the patient must be previously assessed).


  1. Biopolymer Removal: Although it should not appear on this list because of its painful nature due to lack of medical ethics, biopolymer removal holds the seventh place. It comprises the extraction of substances that are not compatible with the body and can put the patients’ lives at risk. In most cases, this happens due to malpractice by unscrupulous so-called medical practitioners.


  1. Rhinoplasty: The next place is for rhinoplasty, which is a surgery for reshaping the nose. In some cases, it is for pure aesthetic reasons, while in others a health issue must be addressed. Since it is a long trip, many patients make the most of their stay by combining it with a different aesthetic procedure, e.g., mammaplasty.


  1. Otoplasty: This surgery is less common that the previous ones, and it seeks to improve the ears aesthetically. This procedure is performed on patients who are not satisfied with the position, size or shape of their ears, and also on those patients who might have a deformity on their ears.


  1.  Jowl liposuction: Last but not least, we have this procedure that seeks to removes the fat and the excess of skin on the jawline that create the jowl, right below the chin. The results will show an improvement upon the looks of the face and these results are evident and feel great.


If you are interested in any of these procedures, please contact Dr Jose Suarez, Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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