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Enjoying life and taking care of yourself are two things which seem opposite. ¿How can we say no to double cheeseburger, an icy soda, ice cream, chocolate, and other irresistible pleasures of life? And at the same time, ¿How can we avoid cellulite, stretch marks, spots and other unavoidable changes that appear as we grow older?  It is high time you find out about Tensamax Technology


Technological breakthroughs happen in all spheres, including the aesthetic.  Because of this, new technologies have been developed, such as, Tensamax.  This technology was created considering the people’s welfare and solving the need to take care of themselves and beautify their skin while keeping enjoying their lives.


This amazing system works on the areas that people concern the most: jowl, legs, abdomen, buttocks, face and any other requiring treatment. Tensamax technology works by applying heat on the cells and tissues to generate a repairing and beautifying effect on the skin, and particularly useful for eliminating stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.


Even though Tensamax technology works by using heat, this temperature will not cause any harm on the body, or muscles contractions on any type of pain. On the contrary, the comfort-benefit ratio is one of the reasons why there are millions of satisfied patients around the globe. Additionally, this technology does not require any medical leave, and the patients can carry on their daily routines after they finish their sessions.


Tensamax provides results from the very first session, and it will show the best results after the fourth or fifth session. By applying deep heat on the skin, the cellular tissue regenerates and collagen and elastin production are stimulated, leading to a firmer skin. On the jowl area, for instance, we can see how the flaccid skin becomes firmer and the wrinkles become less visible.  This will improve the patients’ self-esteem and physical beauty.


On the other hand, Tensamax can be used in postoperative treatment since it reduces inflammation, generates vascular permeability, supports the draining process and accelerates the recovery and regeneration of tissues. This successful application and great results support the quality of this technology.


If you are interested in Tensamax, please contact your specialist.  The results will only be as good as the health care provider. Doctor Jose Suarez, International Plastic Surgeon, makes available this technology for his patients.

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