Plastic Surgery Medical Tourism In Colombia

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Undergoing plastic surgery is a decision that takes time, preparation, medical analysis, care and patience. The medical follow ups, post-operative and nursing care are as important as the procedure itself.


Colombia is one of the most famous countries around the world for the quality of its plastic surgeries. We are aware that having a surgical procedure in a different country is not an easy task.  That is why we are going to explain how your surgery can become one of your best life experiences, and during your recovery you will know new cultures and wonderful places.


Dr. Jose Suarez, plastic surgeon, makes available the best all-inclusive plans for you to have the best plastic surgery experience successfully. These plans include accommodation in the best hotels in Bogota or Cartagena, the best certified clinics, high professionalism, top quality, vast experience, and last but not least, cutting edge technologies for the procedures.


Depending on each particular case, it will be necessary that the patient stays in the country according the surgeon’s recommendation.  This is because airplane trips might affect the final results of the surgery and generate problems on the affected area. For example, breast augmentation aesthetic surgery using implants requires a reasonable amount of time before traveling by plane.


In Bogota, while recovering from your procedure, you can visit many touristic and cultural places for your enjoyment and recreation.  Some of these places are the Bolivar Square, Botero Museum, National Museum of Colombia, Simón Bolivar Central Park, Jose Celestino Mutis Botanic Garden in Bogota and the Museum of Modern Arts, among others.


On the other hand, Cartagena offers amazing places that cannot go unnoticed, and they are a must-see stop for visitors.  San Felipe Castle is the most iconic touristic place.  Also, the “Casa de la Inquisición” Historic Museum of Cartagena, San Pedro Claver Sanctuary, Santo Domingo Square and the “Las Bóvedas” Square (The Vaults).


Moreover, it is important to mention that our patient’s care protocol will make the recovery process feel like home. If you want the best plastic surgery in Bogota or Cartagena, contact now Dr Jose Suarez, international plastic surgeon.  A specialist who cares for your health.

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